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Serving the White Shepherd Community since 1999

Welcome to the White Shepherd Genetics Project website.
It is our hope that you find this site a useful resource.


“To preserve, protect, and improve upon the health of the White Shepherd/white German Shepherd Dog by educating breeders, pet owners, and the general public, by conducting and supporting research, and by organizing fundraisers through seminars, raffles, auctions, and through donations."

White Shepherd Genetics Project

We invite you to join the White Shepherd Health & Genetics Yahoo Group!  This discussion group welcomes everyone who loves our white dogs, breeder or not.

Our discussions focus on the health, genetics, temperament and instincts of the White Shepherd, the German Shepherd Dog - color white, and the Berger Blanc Suisse.

Our primary purpose is to educate all who love this breed and to collect data that will help us gain an understanding of all the traits that affect and define our dogs.

This data will help us to understand the effects of genetics on our dogs and to use this knowledge to give our dogs the physical and emotional health they deserve.

This is our gift to them, for the loyalty and friendship they give to us.

When Judy Huston read The Control of Canine Genetic Disease in 1999, it sparked a flame in her and inspired a new drive in her life. She was motivated to apply the principles described in Dr. Padgett’s book to improve the health of a whole breed, and in almost no time, she had conducted a health survey of over 1000 dogs and generated excitement among many breed club members.

That survey has since developed into a multi-pronged project independent of any breed club, and is positively impacting the decision making process for many breeders as they strive to pick the ideal match and produce the best and healthiest puppies possible.

This project not only includes genetic disease tracking, but also involves developing projects for breeder/owner education and a worldwide internet database of our dogs. Since every dog alive is at least carrier of genetic diseases, there are still a large number of dogs that need to be surveyed and tracked in order to truly improve the health of our breed.
To read more about the history of the WSGP click here.